5 Tips to Keep your Plants Alive in Winter

5 Tips to Keep your Plants Alive in Winter

Indoor plant with pot.

With winter fast approaching, we know that the weather starts to get a lot colder, and indoor plants begin to wilt or die completely. Most of us hold a lot of disdain for winter as we no longer get to experience the beauty of fall leaves or mild temperatures. We long for the extended sun-filled days!  As people, we can adapt to the change in temperature, but our indoor plants do not share the same ability or willingness to do so. They have a difficult time surviving during these colder months, but with that in mind, UppWell has a few tips to keep your indoor plants alive and well!

Let’s dive in!

  1. Less watering

When it comes to indoor plants in those cold winter months, it is important to consider watering them a little less! With too much water during these chilly months, plant leaves turn yellow or develop mold in the soil. Over-watering in general can affect plants greatly, but especially during the winter. There is a lot less light in the winter, which means less growth, essentially making it important to really consider how much you are watering and fertilizing indoor plants. It is also impactful to use warmer water, which keeps the plant warm and promotes faster growth. That being said, do not use hot water, it must be warm to ensure the survival of your indoor plants.  

Woman watering plant.
A woman watering a plant.

2. Sealing and insulating doors

Because plants are extremely sensitive to the cold, they will lose leaves as the draft comes. You want to make sure plants are not close to cold or drafty windows and doors. An option here, is moving the plants away from the door and from the floor, into an indoor plant stand, like ours! It is made from bamboo, as well as adjustable, meaning it will fit a variety of your indoor plants. Make sure to seal up windows and insulate doors as we don’t want the plants to become startled by the chilly air. It is a shock to their system. Remember, it is also important to keep plants away from heat sources, like radiators.

A plant next to window.
A plant in a pot next to a window.

3. Light, light, light

Winter is DARK! Plants need sunlight! When windows aren’t enough, as it gets darker sooner in winter, replacing bulbs with full spectrum lights is a good option. Some plant lovers go as far as to get grow lights for their indoor plants! Once again, in the same vein as the previous point, an indoor plant stand can do wonders when it comes to bringing your plants closer to the light! Ours at UppWell is reversible and allows for different plant heights, making it easy to meet the needs of most plants!

A plant in indoor plant stand.
A plant in UppWell’s bamboo plant stand.

4. No repotting

When it comes to repotting your indoor plants, it is best to hold off during the winter unless you absolutely must. This can typically lead to new growth in plants, which in the winter, can mean weak growth. It also puts quite a bit of stress on plants at any time of the year, so in the winter, it is important to consider holding off. It is ideal to repot in the spring and avoid the mess! It is okay to prune any leaves that discolour during this time, as pruning plants in the winter keeps them looking fresh.

Repotting plants.
Plants being repotted.

5. Wash your plants

This may sound strange but giving your indoor plants a bath can really help them make the most of the little light we do get in the winter. Bathing your indoor plants can also reduce dust and pests as these tend to accumulate over time. This is especially true for large tropical indoor plants. You can give them a bath every few weeks or as you see fit by placing the plant in the bathtub and using a handheld sprayer to wash the leaves. It is also acceptable to place a few plants in the tub at one time and let the shower run!

Spray bottle and gloves beside plant.
Rubber gloves and spray bottle next to a plant.

Keep these tips in mind as the cold winter air begins to hit! They will do your indoor plants good and give you piece of mind when it comes to your houseplants. Check in on your plants daily during these colder months as they may change day to day. It is important to keep an eye on them more than you might in the summer. If you do move your plant from the window, it is important to remember that you need to find a way to give it light, so with these tips, focus on the variables that change! It can be a bit of trial and error, but we’ve got you covered!  Also, check out our other blog posts to learn more! For example, ‘Top 5 Indoor Winter Plants’ may be a good read and help you decide on the right plants for winter!  You could also check out Decor Aid’s blog on ways to keep your indoor plants alive for further instruction!

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