7 Best Indoor Plant Stand Features: What Makes a Good Plant Rack?

7 Best Indoor Plant Stand Features: What Makes a Good Plant Rack?

There are so many benefits of houseplants that one can mention. From boosting moods to increasing human productivity. But how well do you care for your plants? Most likely, you start by getting the best plant for your setting, a suitable plant pot, and a plant stand for them. In this article, we are going to see what a good indoor plant stand should have.

What to look for when considering a plant stand?

There are many factors to consider before settling for what you feel will be optimal for your plants. For instance, you want them to keep growing healthy. This desire will add up to what you will pick for your little roommates.

This page will let you in on very impressive features to look for the next time you shop for an indoor plant stand. Additionally, we will give you a review of our indoor plant stand. Let’s get started.


This is an essential feature to look for in a plant stand. With most of the world having products that are detrimental to the environment, there is more need to salvage our ecosystem. For this reason, we have to embrace sustainable products in our everyday life. 

Choosing an indoor plant stand that’s sustainable only makes sense. If you love plants, you know the benefits of good clean air, and you want to consider a stand that’s sourced sustainably and made from eco materials, right? We thought so too! Uppwell is known for being a stickler for reusable and eco-friendly products. We have a variety of reusable and sustainable products, and we’re thrilled to welcome an indoor plant stand to our family of eco products. What’s more, we plant a tree worldwide for every purchase of the indoor plant stand (we plant a tree with every purchase of any of our products).


Size matters in almost everything. An indoor plant stand should be spacious to accommodate any pot size. Luckily, there are a variety of plant stands in the market today. So, you can always choose what fits your plant best.

For example, if you have a table or desk plant, you can go for the small-sized stands. You don’t want to take too much desk space for a small plant.

Some stands expand and contract, which can adjust to fit several different pot sizes. This increases their size, but you don’t have to buy another one for different pot dimensions. For example, the Uppwell indoor plant stand.

You can also choose a plant shelf, the number of potted plants you have determines how many shelves you need on your rack.


Some pots are heavy. Some plants are big. As a plant owner, find the approximate plant weight and pot dimensions you have before going out to buy plant stands. A plant stand needs to have a sturdy structure to withstand the pressure of any full-grown plant.

You may feel your plant is small at the time of purchase, but as it grows, you will likely have your pots falling and breaking if the stand can’t take the weight.

Examples of stable materials for plant stands include bamboo wood and metal.


Plants are different and grow differently. Not any pot will fit any plant, similarly not every stand will hold any pot. For that reason, an excellent indoor stand will factor in matters of height.

What is the right height for a pot plant?

Well, different plants grow to disparate heights and widths. A money plant, for example, can attain heights of up to seven feet. The ground rule is simple, though. For short plants, use higher stands. For taller ones, use short frames. But there is an exception to this rule. Plants that are short but have the potential to grow tall.

A quick tip: some plants need pruning. If you have such, always ensure you do your task. Otherwise, some of those can grow so tall and lose their indoor purpose.


Yes, plant stands need to offer adequate drainage spaces too. If the surface is compact, even the pot having drainage holes will be useless. A good house plant stand should be able to allow water from the vase to pass through freely.

Too much water is detrimental to such plants. Most of them can tolerate a lot of water, but not a swampy place. When the roots soak for long, they rot. When they disintegrate, your plant dies. Simple.

Heads up: don’t overwater your plants. Most of them need little water to survive. If you are in the habit of over drowning them, be ready to spend most of your time replacing them.


Another feature for house planter stands you should not ignore is the design. How does it look? Does it blend well with your house, furniture, and themes? Plants extend the home’s beauty, so choose one that elevates your room decor, studies show this can also elevate your mood!

They make impressive statements to suit the elegance you desire for your home. They give your home a fantastic ambiance and a feeling of the wild. If you love nature, you sure know this feeling.

So, don’t you think it is appropriate to match your pots and plant stands with your house theme? Your plants don’t need to look out of place in your space. For example, you can not go for a colour that is off for your plant stand when you have the option of settling for a similar colour, right?

Also, most people prefer to match their house themes. For instance, if you have a rustic look for your space, you will likely go for stands made of bamboo or reeds. 


Durability counts, right? Unless you want to keep buying and throwing away poor quality products, go for value and well made the first time around.

The material of these stands should be able to withstand mud and heavy moisture. Often when watering your plants, some water trickles down the stand. If it can’t withstand moisture, then it’s, obviously, not an ideal choice.

Some of them have hinged parts. These should not be prone to rust. They should be able to swing a long time. Grease these parts, too. Assembling a stand also shouldn’t be a challenging task.

Go for a material that is not pliable when exposed to sunlight. Remember, plants need a lot of sunlight to grow. You should also consider the sustainability of that stand material.


Anything that touches on money should be a feature. A good planter stand should be within your budget and still offer all the values you need.

Generally, plant stands are not expensive. But depending on the material, some can be costly. Always try to choose eco-friendly racks since those do double-duty, they elevate your beautiful plant, and they don’t take away from the environment.

Let’s now review the Uppwell indoor plant stand:

As promised, we will give you a review of one of the best indoor plant stands- the Uppwell indoor plant stand.

This stand is a mixture of elegance, affordability, durability, stability, and all the excellent qualities you look for in a planter stand.

We’d like to start by highlighting that the stand is packaged in 100% recyclable materials, absolutely no plastic packaging. 

The stand can hold up to 150lb of weight, which is suitable for most plants. Again, it is adjustable to two different levels. This gives you the desired length and width for your flowers. Amazing, right? While others struggle with fixed contact surfaces, you get to adjust yours.

For length adjustment, turn the stand upside down to get the suitable height for your pot.

See pricing details here.

With this stand, you get the best value for your money. It comes folded in two and is very easy to assemble. You can simply DIY. You only need one screw to assemble, and of course, it’s provided for you, along with a small Allan key – takes less than 2 mins to assemble from beginning to end. 

Best things about this indoor plant stand:

  • Made from certified bamboo, so it is suitable for both ancient and modern themes
  • Easy portability
  • It has footpads for extra stability
  • Easy to assemble
  • Highly durable
  • It is eco friendly
  • For every purchase, we plant a tree

We hope you’ve learned a thing or two about plant stands, and if you’d like to add anything further, please let us know in the comments section.

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