Eco-Friendly Nighttime Beauty Routine

Eco-Friendly Nighttime Beauty Routine

Are you guilty of ever going to sleep with your makeup still intact? Experts say that even just doing it once can cause deep damage to your skin. After a long day of work or a fun night out, it’s important to go through your nighttime beauty routine to keep it healthy and youthful.

Take good care of your skin and save the environment with an eco-friendly nighttime beauty routine.

As we sleep, our skin cells are working hard regenerating and repairing from the onslaught of damages. From blue lights to pollution and everything in between, how we handle our skincare at night is even more important. Using organic and safe ingredients and materials makes the experience better for your skin, plus it benefits the environment too.

So, how can you get your skin ready for bed? Follow these simple steps:

Remove Your Makeup

We’ve all been so tired we can’t keep our eyes open. But pry them open even for just a minute to remove your makeup. Eye makeup can lead to eye infections and can cause your lashes to fall out prematurely. Wake up more beautiful than ever by swiping it away.

All you need is a gentle cleanser and reusable organic bamboo pads (avoid disposable makeup removing wipes since they clog up landfills). These can be easily washed again and again so you’ll never be left without one when you need them. Add a bit of cleanser to a 100% organic bamboo velour round and wipe your face clean.

Remove your makeup every night and follow a nighttime beauty routine

Cleanse Your Skin of All Impurities

Once you’ve removed all your makeup, you need to give skin a good cleanse. Choose a cleanser for your skin type that is made from natural and organic ingredients. These will help you get a good clean without stripping your skin of essential oils it needs for good health. To get it looking even better, use a soft bamboo face towel to pat dry your face and get every last bit of debris off.

Exfoliate to Replenish Your Skin

Dead skin cells can leave you with a dull-looking complexion. One or two times a week, you should make time to exfoliate your skin at night so when you apply serums and creams after, they can really soak in and help with rejuvenation. Choose a formula that has eco-friendly beads that won’t harm the environment. Use exfoliating gloves to gently buff skin to a radiant appearance.

During the wintertime, this step in essential because exfoliation enhances the absorption of topical skincare products that are applied right after. Read more about why you should exfoliate.


After you’ve completed the cleansing and exfoliating process, it’s time to seal in hydration deep within your skin’s layers. Start with a serum and allow it to soak into your skin. Follow it with a nighttime moisturizing formula designed for your skin.

A nighttime beauty routine includes hydration

You can even use your nighttime beauty routine for the greater good of the world. Uppwell has a Eco-Friendly Beauty Pack that makes taking care of your skin and the environment easy.

Check the video below to see how it can make all the difference in your skincare, and in the world

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